Banner & Morgan at 4 months

The Wimsy girls are now 4 months old

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Shots are completed and they’re ready to see some of the world

English toy spaniel, Banner at 4 months

Banner has large round eyes, a nice dome and sweet expression, very promising for a 4 month old.

Morgan at 4 months
Morgan, on the other hand, is the Cyndi Lauper of the dog world. She’s been singing and dancing from the earliest days earning the nickname ‘Wigglebutt’. She promises to be full of the dickens!

Starspangled Banner at 4 months

Banner is a very serious 4 month old. She’s very calm and deliberate even when posing for pictures!

closeup of Wimsy Starspangled Banner

Banner always has a soft, wide open expression

Wimsy Morgan The Healer

Morgan hates being still for a moment and always has that mischievous gleam!

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