Banner & Morgan at 12 weeks

Morgan at 12 weeks

Wimsy Morgan The Healer at 12 weeks old

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The girls are continuing their inoculations and will be fully protected in January when they can start going out into the world. They’ve planned a shopping spree at PetSmart as their first outing!

English toy spaniel, Banner at 12 weeks

Wimsy Starspangled Banner at 12 weeks

Banner at 12 weeks
No doubt about it, Banner has a most expressive face.

Missy and daughter Banner, relaxing

Missy, the mom with her daughter Banner (right) relaxing.
Banner weighing 4lbs 3 oz, is quickly catching up to her Mom’s 8 lbs!

Morgan showing off her flat profile

Morgan shows off her flat profile.

Kis’n Komic Krooner, call name Missy
Missy enjoying a chew.

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