[Missy in July 2003, Kisín Komic Krooner]

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Missy's puppies (2 girls) were born on 9/14/02. This is a 10 second video clip of the girls at four weeks.

click here for 10 second puppy video

The video can be viewed with Windows Media Player

The page of pictures and videos of the puppies!

Missyís firstborn, Wimsy Starspangled Bannerís Page

June 12, 2004 Ė Missy had 2 Ruby girls!
Wimsy My Piperís Fair Sienna and
Wimsy Catch The Piperís Fancy.
And on June 29, 2004, Morgan had a Ruby daughter (making Missy a Grandma!)
Wimsy Piperís Lyrical Flair
All are sired by Kisín Kall Of The Piper, our beautiful Ruby boy.
July 6, 2005, Missy's first grandson and first Black & Tan granddaughter!
Wimsy's Hornpipe Sea Chanty and Wimsy's Fable Of The Bagpipe
Photos of Missy
Kisín Komic Krooner (CH Kisín Kingís Mark x Kisín Krown Princess Scarlet)
[Missy with Phoebe cat, June 2002] [Missy in the garden, July 2001]

[Missy, June 2002] [Missy, July 31, 2001]

[Missy watching the staircase] [Missy resting]

[August 2001, Missy at the Jersey Shore] [Missy's first trip to the beach in August 2001]

Missy lives with a 12-year-old Pug named Frodo and an 10-year-old Chinese Crested named Giggles.

[Missy with Frodo the Pug, March 2002] [Missy lounging on Frodo and Giggles!]

[Missy with some of her toys - 2001] [Missy in July 2003, Kisín Komic Krooner]

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