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Banner at 10 months, photo taken July 2003
Our first puppy, a pure KIS’N black and tan bitch


is ten months old as of July 2003.

This will be her page.
(A mom needs a place for pretty pictures of her firstborn!)

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English toy spaniel, Banner at 10 months old, in the garden. Summer 2003

Our pretty little Banner in the garden, summer 2003

Banner at 10 months, photo taken July 2003

Banner at home, July 2003
Banner standing on a chair at home. Not quite ‘stacked’ but that’s new to both us. At 10 months her coat is starting to come in, though it’s summer now. This fall and winter will give us a better idea of her mature coat. Her mom, Missy is really developing a lovely coat now, at almost 3 years of age. Last September when she had her puppies, her coat was sacrificed for motherhood. She seems to be making up for the lost time now.

Missy, July 2003 (Kis’n Komic Krooner)

(Missy, self stacked and showing off her lovely profile – something she will only do at home!).
Banner has Missy’s lovely dome and rich coloring.

Banner showing off her profile

Banner outside on the deck, showing off her profile

Banner, July 9, 2003

There is nothing like the soft, sweet expression of a spaniel.
Banner, July 9th, 2003

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